It is about PROTECTING, MAINTAINING and ENHANCING the value of your business and personal assets.

For many business owners, their business is their nest egg or their primary asset. Our key focus is to assist our clients over the longer term to build, preserve and realise as much value from their assets when they decide sell their business or look to retire.

There are many risks in operating a business which if unmanaged could lead to financial losses, and potentially the loss of your business as a result of poor market conditions, financial management or even fraud. This can have a significant impact on your assets, your employees and your future.

There are many ways to protect yourself from such risks, starting by reviewing the structure of your business to identify potential risks and analysing how they can be mitigated. We can also help you protect against insolvency or establish trusts to better protect your assets against loss or bankruptcy.

We also have a network of insurance advisors who we can work alongside to help you establish personal and business insurances, including income protection and director insurances, to protect they key people within your business and also the business itself.

Selling your business?

People sell businesses for many reasons whether it be for retirement, succession or moving onto other opportunities — but for whatever reason, we can help ensure the sale runs smoothly, with minimal stress for you and your employees. To maximise value or allow for succession by family members, planning ahead is very important to either prepare the business for sale by maximising its value or ensuring a workable plan is in place for family to take over your business. We can also assist with the purchase of other businesses through acquisitions and mergers, including providing an assessment of viability and value.

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